Katharina Schulze
Member of the Bavarian State Parliament and Co-leader of the Bavarian Green Party, Germany

At the age of 33, Katharina Schulze is among the youngest parliamentarians in Bavaria and the face of the Bavarian Greens. With the aim of advancing her native Bavaria in terms of  ecological sustainability, digital opportunities, equal rights for women and cosmopolitanism, she is leading the political surge of the Greens in Germany, and was instrumental in more than doubling her party’s share of the vote to 17.5% in the 2018 regional elections. As a result, the Greens are currently the second-largest parliamentary group in the Bavarian Parliament.

Since October 2013, Ms. Schulze has served as a member of the Bavarian Parliament and first vice chairwoman than chairwoman of the Green Party parliamentary group in Bavaria. She is the Green Party spokeswoman for domestic affairs and a member of the Committee for Community Affairs, Domestic Security and Sport.

Ms. Schulze grew up in Herrsching on the eastern shore of Lake Ammersee, southwest of Munich. She studied intercultural communication, political science and psychology at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich. After completing an internship with the United States Democratic Party in Michigan where she was closely involved in the presidential election campaign leading to President Barack Obama's first term in office, she decided to focus on her own political career. She joined the Munich chapter of the Young Greens, where she was chairwoman from 2009 to 2011. From 2010 to 2015, she was the female city chair of the Munich Greens.